Transitioning to e-assessment in mathematics education is a project funded by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education under its Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund 2014 call. The main aims of the project are to improve students’ engagement with mathematics, improve student outcomes and reduce lecturer workload especially in large first year courses.

The project aims to leverage the potential of an online e-assessment platform for mathematics, namely Numbas, to integrate formative e-assessment into large, often as large as 500 students, first year courses at UCC and CIT.
The project will consist of three phases: implementation, evaluation and dissemination.

The Implementation phase involves the creation of quality test questions and test exams that can be used as part of tutorials and ongoing assessments while piloting the Numbas tool across selected courses in U.C.C. and C.I.T.

The Evaluation phase is a crucial part of the project and will assess the effects of e-assessment on the student, in terms of instant feedback and better outcomes as well as the impact on lecturer workload.

The Dissemination phase will involve reaching out to lecturers of other courses in Cork and across other Irish institutions to share our experiences of Numbas and e-assessment in mathematics.