Below you will find a catalogue of tests that have been used in Cork. These tests have been either created from scratch or modified in some way to suit the content of our courses and have been carefully categorised according to topic. To date we have developed over 230 test questions in Cork. To run these tests simply click on the topic you're interested in.

Getting started with Numbas

Pre-Algebra Algebra Calculus Probability and Statistics Advanced Engineering Maths Other
Error and Approximation Logarithms Methods of Integration Correlation and Regression Introduction to Laplace Transforms

Mensuration Simple and Simultaneous Equations Limits Descriptive Statistics Differential Equations Financial Maths
Income Tax Partial Fractions Introduction to Integration Introduction to Probability Trigonometry
Conversions and Scientific Notation Indices Differentiation rules Probability Distributions Vectors
Arithmetic Fundamentals of Algebra Curve Sketching Using Calculus Summary Statistics Index Numbers
Percentages Transposition of Formulae Matrices
Ratio and Proportion Link

Some useful documents:

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