At Level 4, a lecturer can make full use of the capabilities of the Numbas software. Lecturers/technicians can create questions from scratch and use these to build their own exams. Once the exam is to the lecturer's satisfaction they can download the SCORM file and upload it to their Blackboard/Moodle Page.


Advantages of Level 4

• full control over all aspects of the e-assessment from questions to style of exam
• learner analytics/grades can be tracked on Blackboard/Moodle
• can be used for formative or summative assessment

• exams can be tailored to best fit the lecturer’s course and teaching style
• students can use it at home for revision
• can be used in Maths Learning Support Centres

Limitations of Level 4

• Your Imagination!

Resources Required

• A lot of time is required to get to this level of skill. It is recommended to have a programmer/technician trained to this level as creating questions from scratch can be very time consuming for the lecturer.

Instructions for Level 4

At level 4 you are learning to use all the flexibility and functionality of the Numbas system. The best source for all this information is